Racing simulators: How did they become so popular?

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Young boys, for as long as the world can remember, idolized superheroes. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America. Every little boy wanted to grow up and be like them, and who can blame them, those heroes were marketed for little boys specifically. But nowadays as those young boys grow older, they begin to realize just how much those heroes mean to little boys, and they don’t want to be little boys anymore. So, they look for interests elsewhere. Some like sports, some art, and others like video games. Those interests sometimes cross paths and have all sorts of combinations, such as the sports racing and video games that simulate racing.

New idols

In racing events such as Formula 1 or Nascar, men go head to head trying to win their team the championships, and thousands of young boys watch along supporting them. It’s no surprise when the young boys start to envision the racers as their new heroes and want to be like them when they get older. Here enter the video games. As the racing games improve, not just young boys anymore but a great deal of all kinds of kids starts to gain interest in the sport. The characters of the video game series F1 are the real-life racers, so not only do the kids get to do what their idols are doing, racing for their favorite teams, but they can play as their favorite racers too.

Video games and gadgets

Racing simulator games have existed for a very long time, first appearing as arcade games in the 70s. Now, video games like Formula 1 have evolved from a game you could only play on your parent’s home computer in the 80s to playing on a smart television with either the video game console’s controller or gadgets specifically made to enhance the racing experience for the players. Gadgets such as the Innato Steering Wheels or DC2 racing pedals are bought with the intent of creating a space for people to feel as close and connected to the game as they can.

Formula 1

This racing event has grown an incredible amount over the years. The views of the formula 1 2021 championships increased by 50% bringing their total to 7 billion viewers, as well as over 7 billion website visitors. It’s no surprise that with the rise in popularity of this international racing event there would be a rise in simulation racing games as well. Kids love to imitate their idols.
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