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Do you work with powders and other small particles to develop products? The effectiveness of the product depends on the correct dosages and properties of the particles. This is what we at Solids Solutions have been researching for years. In our laboratory, we use various techniques and instruments to determine specific properties of the smallest particles. For example, we can determine which substances mix well and which less well. We are therefore happy to help you find a solution when you get stuck in the production process.

Sedimentation of nanoparticles

Nanoparticles are frequently used in many different products. Not all nanoparticles are the same. They vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometres, which makes them suitable for various applications. The particles are found naturally in certain products, but are also added artificially to improve a product. A method that Solids Solutions applies to determine the size is sedimentation nanoparticles. Simply put, the particles are added to a liquid, so that the size can be calculated based on the sedimentation rate. Nowadays, X-rays are used to speed up the process of obtaining the desired information.

Dynamic light scattering

By means of dynamic light scattering, the size of powder particles can be determined. With this method, the particles are scattered and illuminated with a laser beam. The way in which the particles react to the light depends among other things on size, shape and surface roughness. By analysing the light scattering pattern, the size of the individual particles can be determined for a specific substance. Do you want information on what Solids Solutions does, or do you need advice on product development? Please contact us, so that we can gain insight into the problem and discuss the possibilities.
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